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Rules of Conduct

Racial/Ethnic/Sexual Orientation:  Users are expected to respect others' racial, ethnic, and sexual status/orientation. Promoting racial/ethnic/sexual orientation hatred, using corresponding slurs to insult and/or degrade, or alluding to a symbol of such said hatred is prohibited. 


Real-Life Threats:   Users will be expected to refrain from posting threats directed at any user(s) that refer to violence in any form or nature to any extent that is not directly related to the forums.


Malicious Programs/Warez:   Posting or linking to malicious viruses/programs, illegal programs, or information that helps attain mentioned programs is not allowed under any circumstances, whatsoever.

Wrongful Account Creation:   Users are allowed to register only one account on CigReviews. Users that create multiple accounts, or create an account to impersonate someone else will be removed appropriately.


Obscene/Vulgar Behavior and Content:   Posting material containing inappropriate references or links to human anatomy or bodily functions or are pornographic in nature will not be tolerated. Excessive use of vulgar/inappropriate language that is considered by the moderators as objectionable will also not be tolerated. CigReviews is a work-safe board; if any image is considered unsafe to view at work or at school, it does not belong here.

Advertising:   Posting links or creating posts for personal profit or illegal materials will not be tolerated.


Access Privileges Use of this site is a privilege given to you, not a right. Violation of the rules, or copyright infringements may result in your removal from the site. Your account may be terminated at any time, at the discretion of the site owners. Any behavior that is meant to harm or wrongly modify the network infrastructure is prohibited and also illegal. Users involved in such activities will be permanently banned and will be reported to your network provider(s). We also reserve the right to pursue legal action in such cases. Continuing to access, or attempting to access, after your access has been terminated may be considered computer trespass.

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