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Sampoerna Mild Menthol Cigarette Reviews

There are 1 Sampoerna Mild Menthol Flavor reviews in the database.

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Very High



This review is shared to those that ONLY enjoy clove cigarettes. I say that but I am a regular cigarette smokers. On occasion when I would try to quit and go for my normal 48 hour break of smoking I could easily pick one of these cigarettes up and enjoy it to an extent. If you are a regular menthol cigarette smoker than chances you this is not for you. Has that normal (what I consider normal) weak start and first few tasty drags. Then this cigarette goes into the clove mouth numbness and cold feeling at once. An interesting smoke for clove lovers but I doubt you can smoke these back to back. I also must say it will be hard to find a fresh pack of these. They are ok in sales out west but on the east coast they rarely sell so any shelf stocked with them could be old (check manufacture dates always). Hope this helps

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