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Optima Full Flavor Cigarette Reviews


The Global Brand Tobacco Co. Ltd., London, authorizes the Optima brand to be made in Indonesia (by Intertobacco Company, Ltd.), and they began showing up in a few retailers' inventories a few months ago.

The Full Flavor 100 styles include Light and Ultra Light; Full Flavor Kings also come in Lights; and there are 100 and King size Menthols. Optimas appear to be well made, with good quality paper and filters. Again, the 100 length styles can be tamped down as much as a quarter of an inch, but they have a good tobacco taste. The "Lights" are quite light, so if you normally smoke an Ultra Light, you might try the Light style first. As with the Camron Bays, the menthol styles will appeal to those who like a stronger menthol "presence" rather than less. The old guy wanted a long swallow of beer after snuffing the cigarette, so, apparently, there is a hint of an unfamiliar aftertaste. (What are we saying...he always wants a long swallow of beer after he smokes.)

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