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LibertyStix Medium Nic Cartridge E Cig Reviews

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My strategy with this is I puff on it every other craving. One craving (or urge) is a real tobacco Native brand cigarette and the next is a couple drags on the e-cig. Seems that I am learning after only 3 days. I haven't noticed a reduction in the number of real cigarettes yet. Don't know if I will successfully train myself on this device. It is the same length as a 100 and looks really a lot like a real cig. I gave the taste 3 stars because you have to learn to draw on this. The instructions say to inhale the same as you normally would. I haven't drawn too hard on it yet (at least not enough to draw the Nicotine liquid out of the device). The "Atomized" Nicotine is all that is supposed to be inhaled. The instructions say that the Nicotine liquid will go to waste if you draw on this too hard. I saw that the retailer had the cartridges in 4 strengths and 7 flavors (including tobacco flavor). I got all medium strength and I got the tobacco, cherry and vanilla flavorings. So far, I have only tried tobacco flavor. I am charging it now for the first time. It came already charged up. I am still using the first cartridge. The price was $39.95 online and I had and used a $5.00 off coupon that I got on a previous purchase of regular cigarettes from this retailer. The strength varies depending on your draw. I've seen ecigs priced much higher than this that are foreign made. These claim to be American made and distributed. I give it 4 stars because it may be an acceptable alternative to giving up smoking the tobacco product that eventually kills.

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