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Kretek Dreams Chocolate Mocha Cigarette Reviews

There are 1 Kretek Dreams Chocolate Mocha Flavor reviews in the database.

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Very Pleasant



These are just great. My box actually says 'imported dreams: chocolate' but I suppose I can sense a bit of a Michael flavor in there as well. These give a great nicotine hit after the fist few puffs. Additionally they're fairly thick but not too loosely packed with an awesome wrapper that holds the favoring. They are as long as 100s but the filter is about as long as a penny. That is to say they have a fair amount of tobacco to them. The smell of a fresh pack is unlike any other and I would strongly recommend this flavor over the vanilla or cherry. Great for people who have are looking for a quality smoking experience, and not just a fix. I should note that the filter is sweet on your lips, which I like, but others may find it to be a bad thing. The only drawback to these filtered cigars is that they come in a pack of 12, but for about $6 here in California they're well worth it.

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