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Kick Lights Cigarette Reviews

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This brand actually tastes good to me for a light. After smoking a pack and getting used to the taste, I realized smoking a Kick Light is like smoking a version of a big-name light brand that has actual good-tasting light smoke in it. And this is one of the light brands where you're tasting and smoking actual light tobacco in it. Most light brands by Big Tobacco taste like you're inhaling fresh air when you suck on a regular light cig. No telling how their lights taste now as fire-safe cigs (FSCs). I see no vent holes on Kick Light filters, another difference between them and popular light cig brands. No vent holes is good, because that makes the Kick Light taste better than a popular light, and that's why I feel more smoke on my inhales of smoke from a Kick Light. This is a smooth brand, and I will admit this is the light brand that makes me feel the best as I enjoy em. This brand tastes like a premium light cig without the chemicals and additives Big Tobacco uses. The only negative I have is I wish they had more of a Marlboro Light taste. Although I like tasting real light tobacco for a change. Oklahoma Outlet is one shop where you can find ALL Kick brands online. And yes, Kick is a NON-FSC brand. I'd recommend trying Kick if you're looking for a cheap non-FSC brand that isn't made by Native Americans.

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