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Highway Full Flavor Cigarette Reviews


Forsythe Tobacco Products, Winston-Salem, NC, seems to specialize in making the low-end brands found in many roadside convenience stores across the country. Highway is one of them, but there are a host of others. We had the old guy try a King size Ultra Light model. It was definitely "ultra light" in the sense there was very little tobacco flavor. Upon inspecting the tobacco, we found that there were very few "long cut" pieces...mostly smaller flakes and crumbs. Also, we found several chunks of what were probably pieces of stem, but which looked like the left-overs on a model airplane builder's tool bench.

Forsythe makes a lot of cigarettes, but they are almost secretive about it. We have yet to be able to contact them, either by telephone or mail...and if they have a web-site, they are not anxious to have people find it. If Highway is representative of their other brands, we can see why.

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