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Cambridge Lights Cigarette Reviews

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Very Poor



I've been a smoker for many years now, and figured before my lungs pack it in, I should at least start smoking a 'light' cigarette to reduce the damage. This was my first mistake. The second was trying Cambridge lights. To be honest, I have to say I used to quite enjoy them (I would've given them 3/5 stars 2 years ago). Now I can barely stomach them. Smoking them leaves a dry taste in my mouth, like I've just been smoking dry grass riddled with dirt. They also tend to have a pretty nasty aftertaste, in my opinion/experience, compared to similar calibre and price range cigarettes. They're also expensive for what they offer. Being as expensive, or moreso than most other brands, the Cambridge flock don't really do much for me. Overall they're a nice looking packet, and can be a decent smoke, but after a while you just have to wonder what the appeal is. I'm currently smoking Rothmans to a much more satisfying result. Recommended only with beer. 2 stars.

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