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Urgent Action Needed

Say NO to the PACT ACT of 2009 (S.1147)

Click here for information of how YOU can help defeat the 2009 PACT act.


Smokers Right Organizations

New York City C.L.A.S.H -

New York City Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment is a non-profit grassroots organization of private citizens involved in fighting for the rights of smokers.


Forces -


FORCES International is an organisation in support of human rights and - in particular, but not limited to – the defence of those who expect from life the freedom to smoke, eat, drink and, in general, to enjoy personal lifestyle choices without restrictions and state interference.


Ali Davoudi Houston

Find Ali Davoudi on Etsy


Cigarette Manufacturers

Philip Morris -


Cigarette Shopping

Smokers T-Shirts and Pro Smoking Mugs, Stickers and More


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