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Eve 120s Menthol LightsCigarette Reviews

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2019-10-08 Medium Tolerable Fair



I tried Eve Emerald 120s (what used to be called Eve Lights 120s) after having smoked a pack of the Turquoise (ultra-light menthol) variety, and honestly was a bit disappointed. The taste is still fine, they have that Eve aftertaste I like, and the body is much larger than one might imagine of slim 120s--just right. That said, they're somehow strong but not quite satisfying in the way the Ultralights/Turquoise are. The Emeralds make me slightly ill and dizzy in a bad way without lasting nicotine anxiolysis, and get somewhat harsh toward the end. It's just not as pleasant of a smoking experience unfortunately, and I don't think it's about my nicotine tolerance or the way I'm smoking them. (I may have become accustomed to "powersmoking" Ultralights, so I've paced myself more consciously with these.) My nicotine tolerance is probably as high as it's ever been due to other supplementary sources of nicotine. It seems like something else in these is just a tad too much and a bit icky--too much carbon monoxide, perhaps, or tar? I still prefer Eve as a brand but I probably wouldn't buy these again--I should've just stuck with the Turquoise. With those (again, the Ultralights) I sometimes had to smoke more in a sitting to be satisfied, or "lip past" the filter perforations, etc, but the experience of smoking those individually was more-or-less perfect. I wanted to like these, but something about them just doesn't feel quite right, even compared to (IMHO) inferior brands like Misty.

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