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 Nat Sherman Cigarettes Reviews


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Brand Variety Type Reviews Rating
Nat Sherman Black and Gold Regular 11  reviews
Nat Sherman Cigarettellos Unfiltered 14  reviews
Nat Sherman Classic Regular 30  reviews
Nat Sherman Classic Lights Regular 4  reviews
Nat Sherman Classic Mint Regular 6  reviews
Nat Sherman Fantasia 120s 4  reviews
Nat Sherman Fantasia Lights Regular 10  reviews
Nat Sherman Havana Ovals Unfiltered 6  reviews
Nat Sherman Hint of Mint Menthol 24  reviews
Nat Sherman MCD Regular 20  reviews
Nat Sherman MCD Lights Regular 3  reviews
Nat Sherman Naturals Regular 15  reviews
Nat Sherman Naturals (Blue) Regular 4  reviews
Nat Sherman Naturals Lights Brown Regular 3  reviews
Nat Sherman Naturals Lights White Regular 1  reviews
Nat Sherman Naturals Mint Regular 8  reviews
Nat Sherman New York Cut Regular 7  reviews
Nat Sherman New York Cut Mint Regular 0  reviews
Nat Sherman Touch of Clove Flavored Tobacco 2  reviews

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