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General Tobacco company in Miami, Florida distributes this Columbia, South America made cigarette in the United States. The soft-pack king measures 3 5/16 inches long (84 mm) and utilizes a white filter of 3/4 inch (20 mm).

We were unable to compress the tobacco any measurable amount in our "tamp down" test. The mix is advertised as an "American" blend, and that's what it appears to be, i.e., a combination of light, medium and dark leaf ribbons. The tube we cut open contained a couple of pieces of woody of them relatively large. The filter end is quite distinctive, with a 5/16 inch wide green band on the very end. (So as not to show the lipstick?) Two much narrower green bands appear at the "top" end of the filter. The draw and burn rate were about normal. The Old Guy thought there was a kind of sharp "edge" to the menthol, although the strength of the menthol was not overpowering...say maybe a 5 or 6 on the scale where 10 is the strongest. We weren't overly impressed with this one, but smoking is such a subjective thing you mind find it worth a try.
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