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James442 05-02-2015 01:46 AM

How Snus Works
Tobacco first arrived in Sweden in the mid-1600s from New Sweden, the country's short-lived colony in modern day Delaware. It wasn't long after that snus was invented as a way to bring snuff to the masses. Necessity was the mother of snus's invention, as tobacco was prohibitively expensive for most Swedes. Playing second fiddle to the world's colonial powers, Sweden found itself with less buying power in tobacco commodities markets, resulting in high prices for the import. Sweden was also one of the first nations to tax tobacco as a luxury product. Snus, which mixes cheaper tobacco with salt and water, was introduced as an affordable -- and, without spit, cleaner -- form of snuff.
To make snus, the tobacco leaves are first cut into small strips, air- and sun-dried, and then ground into a powder. The ground tobacco is then treated with heat for 24 to 36 hours, reaching temperatures of around 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius).
A "wet" snuff, snus tobacco contains 50 percent water and 30 percent tobacco. It's usually sold in tea bag-shaped portions that the user bundles under his or her upper lip. A heavy snus user may consume the product for 13 to 15 hours a day. With high levels of salt, moist oral snuff produces less saliva than dipping or chewing tobaccos like Skoal, Copenhagen or Red Man, and the saliva byproduct is meant to be swallowed.
The finished tobacco product is chilled below room temperature to keep its contents fresh. Expect to find American tobacconists installing refrigerators if they carry snus.

hollynorth 11-01-2017 01:51 PM

Snus, by its extremely nature, is counter-gainful to causing a buzz. It fundamentally does everything incorrectly. Smoking gives a buzz since you get the nicotine rapidly; it's close to 10 seconds from inward breath to hitting the mind. Consuming the tobacco likewise implies that most of the nicotine is being liberated and sent into your body as opposed to sticking around in the cinder or whatever.

With snus, despite the fact that we have more than a pack of cigarettes worth of nicotine in a solitary bit of solid snus, the smidgen that is even ready to be liberated from the tobacco is ingested gradually finished a hour or significantly more.

Another case of how snus has a huge amount of nicotine however very little accessible nicotine: if snus had the greater part of its nicotine accessible, a grown-up would encounter demise by means of respiratory capture in the event that they put 3-4 in number bits in their mouth without a moment's delay.

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