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Should the FDA be allowed to regulate tobacco products like a drug?

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Old 04-04-2009, 01:43 AM
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Eddie H is on a distinguished road
Exclamation Should the FDA be allowed to regulate tobacco products like a drug?

1. They should stay out of the tobacco business altogether. Being a smoker in the USA is the new "Slavery". The new round of taxes will never fund the SCHIP program. Every penny of it will fund government employee pay raises and spending programs. No child will see a dime of it. Where was the FDA while cigarettes are being changed into Fire Standard Compliance (FSC)??? There was zero testing done by FDA and it was approved by government. Now, all smokers are smoking the new, more deadlier than before, FSC cigarettes across the land and smokers are falling deathly ill to the new added chemicals. It FDA takes over, the first thing they should do is put a recall on FSC cigarettes and ban the production of them until it is proven to be safe. Those cigarettes don't even stop fires from starting in the first place! A few politicians in Congress have decided to get rid of online tobacco and they trying to do it by making tobacco products into "Non-mailable matter" at the US Postal Service. That will eliminate much needed revenues for the Postal Service as well as put a lot of people in the tobacco trade out of work. Non smokers as well as smokers will be footing the huge taxes required to keep the Post Office going. Government needs to trim itself down. Have a spending freeze. Stop hiring more government employees. stay out of FREE Enterprise - Revolution will come in the United States over government taxation - people out here have guns too. Sat, 4/4/09 2:34 AM
2. Because there is too much regulation now on the many products, medications and such that most modernized countries in the world sell over the counter to responsible citizens. Sat, 4/4/09 12:24 AM
3. Because I am completely fed up with the government's involvement into our lives, which is growing each day with Obama! Fri, 4/3/09 9:56 PM
4. UNCONSTITUTIONAL, not the government's business, not the government's purpose, against liberty, unintelligent, superficial, a means to an unbeknown end, regressive, the antithesis of freedom of choice, destroyer of free society, against individuals thinking for themselves, against individuals taking responsibility for their own actions, unwise, unpractical, fiscally irresponsible, economically moronic, politically motivated, as if any individual or group of individuals can decide how I will live my life...when are people going to wake up to FREEDOM??? Fri, 4/3/09 8:06 PM
5. By allowing them to regulate tobacco products, we are giving up our rights. We have a right to smoke if we so choose and the FDA has no right to tell us that we can't or to penalize us for smoking. Things are a lot more stressful now than they were 5 months ago and to raise the taxes on tobacco products is outrageous. Raise the taxes on alcohol and cut back on all the drunk drivers on our streets. Stop trying to take away our rights. Leave the "low" and "middle" class people ALONE!!! We are the ones affected the most by this! You wouldn't have to raise the taxes on anything if you would give the American people back their jobs and stop outsourcing to other countries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to have a lot more homeless, starving people here in the United States, if we don't stop this madness and STOP it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Fri, 4/3/09 3:24 PM
6. Becuse congress faild to regulate its self, why shuld they regulate tobacco. why not regulate drinking, its more harmful? Fri, 4/3/09 1:52 PM
7. Should the FDA determine that tobacco is a harmful drug (it's not healthy, but freedom of choice), then eventually tobacco would be pulled from the shelves. This would just be another example of the government becoming more powerful than what makes the United States powerful, the People. Fri, 4/3/09 1:17 PM
8. People know that smoking is bad for their health, we don't need the government regulating everything and thinking that we are to stupid to think for ourselves. Stop trying to control EVERYTHING! Fri, 4/3/09 12:28 PM
9. The government needs to get out of regulating everything people do. We are not in the business of regulating behavior. Fri, 4/3/09 12:25 PM
10. The FDA has failed miserably in regulating food (remember spinach, peanuts etc) they have failed miserably in trying to regulate drugs (remember heart medications causing heart attacks, take a look at antidepressants causing suicides). I think that there is too much regulation on cigarettes already. Aren't the regulated by the ATF? So, now you also want them regulated by the FDA? Come on already! What is congress trying to prove? Tobacco is alreday the highest taxed product on the market today, because people in government, use it to spend, spend, spend. Now it's to pay for "the children". I am sick of your regulation and taxes!! I have to pay a state tax on cigarettes in Washington state, now an even historical federal tax! When do I get a bail out? HUH?? Fri, 4/3/09 12:22 PM
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Old 04-16-2009, 12:19 PM
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Amen brother eddie, these folks just stick it to us like we're not human just because we're smokers...they're all crooks in congress anyway!
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Old 11-08-2010, 09:33 PM
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the iron horse will become famous soon enoughthe iron horse will become famous soon enough

A great thread!

If this happens, you can kiss buying your smokes at the 7 and 11.

You will have to visit the doctor a few times.
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Old 01-13-2012, 07:24 PM
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the iron horse will become famous soon enoughthe iron horse will become famous soon enough

This thread needs a few more concerned replies!
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