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One month in, looking for advice

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Old 05-18-2020, 11:39 PM
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Default One month in, looking for advice

I started down the path of RYO in order to save money. I live on a small Social Security retirement income and just can no longer afford 3 cartons a month of my store-bought brand (Camel Filters).

At the only smoke shop in town that actually sells tobacco, I bought a Powermatic Mini (very happy with this little machine) and small bags of OHM Red, OHM Blue, OHM Turkish Red and Good Stuff Gold. I also got Zen Blue and Zen Red tubes. I tried them all in both tubes.

I donít care for the heavy (to me) topping of the OHM Red. The OHM Turkish Red is a little better, and Iíll probably use the other two in a blend at some point.

Iím not trying to duplicate my old brand. Iím looking for advice on value brands of tobacco without the heavy additional flavorings. Golden Harvest? Something else? The smoke shop is getting me a bag of Cherokee Turkish Bold so Iíll be able to try that in a week or so.

I havenít ordered online yet because there are too many choices. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Old 05-20-2020, 09:04 PM
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Probably the best pc of advice would be to scroll down and read as many posts as possible, that pertain to tobacco. You'll learn a lot from the answers a lot of folks before you have received.

2nd suggestion - every tobacco is going to taste somewhat different to different people. And a lot of that involves the dynamic between the tobacco and the paper in the tube it's combined with. I'd suggest you try Mascotte tubes or Gizeh tubes, both full flavor and light tubes, they seem to be the highest quality tubes out there. And both pretty neutral in terms of paper taste.

Tobaccos - i don't smoke any of the "value" tobaccos anymore - by value, generally in the $12 to $15 per 16 oz bag. Main reason, i smoked them a lot initially, but found after smoking one brand for a bit, 3-4 months, the smokes would leave an aftertaste in my mouth that just got worse the more i smoked that brand. I'd changed brands, and after 4 or 5 months have the same thing occur with the 2nd value brand, so i'd swap back to the first brand and this time it wouldn't take 3-4 weeks for the aftertaste to return.

The value brands add flavorings to the tobacco, whether chocolate, liquorice, vanilla etc, and after awhile burning those flavorings would leave a horrible taste on my tongue.

I moved up to Daughters & Ryan (D&R) tobaccos, as the virigina gold leaf tobaccos i favored, were not treated with any flavorings, casings etc. Another chem the value blends treat their tobacco with is PG (polypropylene - not sure i spelled that exactly right). But it servers to help the tobacco retain it's moisture - you'll find it in baked goods, wonder bread, cosmetics etc - it's actually sold by itself as a skin conditioner or moisturizer. But it impacts a slight sweet chemical taste to the tobacco. D&R tobaccos seem to avoid all of that - i've never experienced any buildup of an aftertaste.

What this all comes down to is your taste - ie what ends up satisfying your tastes, and like i said above, part of that is going to depend on the cigarette tube you combine it with.

Mind you, not all folks experienve the aftertaste i've described, in fact most don't.

Other than that, online is your best place to buy - as the tobacco will be fresher than when bought in a brick & mortar store. There are some tobacco vendors that will sell the middle tier tobaccos by the ounce, which make it easier to sample. BUt do not judge a tobacco by only smoking one or two cigs - . There's the exception, some tobaccos i sampled were so nasty to my taste it didn't take 1/2 cig for me to put it out and throw the sample out. is one vendor that will sell a number of it's tobaccos by the ounce.

For the hey of it, what did you smoke before trying RYO?
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Old 05-23-2020, 10:12 PM
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I too am new to RYO. I was a pack a day American Spirit Yellow (light) or Light-Green (light menthols). I'm in CA and it costs me more than $300 a month to smoke. With the current pandemic and financial issues due to that, plus being quarantined - I started ording from Smokers Outlet.

I have tried OHM, Smokin' G and Golden Harvest. I have tried multiple versions or flavors rather in each brand. I have found that of those 3 that Golden Harvest is my favorite. Both in flavor and in smoking ability.

OHM and Smokin' G are both cut slightly larger and seem to burn hotter and thus smoke quicker. I didn't prefer the flavor and they kind of messed with my lungs. Again, all personal preference.

Golden Harvest is slightly fiber cut and burns for longer. I feel it gives a better smoke. I am using the Powermatic Mini as well. And I have found that so far my favorite tubes are the Shargio tubes. I use these because they have a longer filter in the king size. Instead of 15mm or 17mm the Shargios have a 20mm filter. I haven't had any gaps towards the filter due to this. I personally like them.

It really is daunting the amount of options of tobacco and tubes. As the same tobacco will not taste the same in a different tube and vice versa. And since everyone has a different taste and opinion it's very hard to give true advise. There really is no right or wrong.

Good luck in the search.
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Old 05-25-2020, 09:13 PM
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Default Thanks for your replies

Thank you to Larryccf and Sweetboxy brown for your advice. Today is the first time since I joined and made the original post that I have been able to log in. Every time I tried to log in, I got a warning saying Username or password is incorrect. I sent several emails thru the contact link but got no replies. A few minutes ago I was reading posts in the Off Topic section and other people have had the same problem. User CandiR posted a work around. I hope an Administrator can fix this. Anyway, thank you for your replies. I hope you donít think I was ignoring your help.
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