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Newports are good when you get used to em

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Old 10-05-2017, 05:05 AM
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Originally Posted by cooljay788 View Post
I can understand those who primarily smoke regular cigs not liking the taste of Newports. But saying Newports are too strong, and too harsh makes me laugh.

I guess those smokers didn't know Newport is the strongest filtered brand in the US. You need to have strong lungs in order to enjoy a strong menthol like Newport. I neva even heard of a bro/sis smoker who ever complained about smoking Newports.

I wouldn't recommend smoking Newports for a new smoker (unless you an urban person of course). You gotta get used to smoking cigs period before graduating to a strong brand like this. I also recommend trying a lighta menthol before smoking Newports.

If there's a smoker who's interested in NEVA stopping smoking for life, I recommend trying Newports. Cause when you start smoking Newports, it will be harder to stop smoking. If there's a smoker who started on Newports but switched to a different brand, I gotta applaud at that. Cause it's very tough to not botha touching even a single Newport cig for a week, for a smoker who formerly loved Newports the most.

I know Newports are the only menthols some Marlboro/Camel smokers will smoke at all. I think that's cool to hear.

I smoke newports regularly been doing so for the last ten years
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Old 10-28-2017, 07:47 PM
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I smoke Newports now. I'd had a few way back in the day and my first cigarette was menthol, but always smoked regular until I was 25. Then one day I said "why not get a pack of Newports?" and I was a menthol smoker within a day or two. Now I don't like regulars.
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Old 11-06-2017, 03:36 PM
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Im a uk smoker and my usual brand (b&h gold) is one if the stronger ones here. Went to florida on vacation a couple of months ago, ran out of my usual so was recommended Newports as was told they were strong too. From the 1st inhale i loved them and brought as many home as i could. Now i have the issue that ive run out of them, cant see a legitimate way of obtaining them here and sad as it sounds i really miss them.
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Old 08-04-2019, 07:07 PM
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Before I had my first cig in my life I read a lot about smoking, I saw a lot of videos/clips and of course I asked my smoking friends about it. Because of all this Research I became Aware that there are Newport cigarettes. These cigs are not available in Germany, but even before I started smoking I was totally attracted to the idea to smoke these very special cigarettes. It was such a strong dream, but it seemed totally impossible to get them. Last year a mate (I met him because of smoking) had his holiday in the USA. Finally I got the courage to ask him if he would be so Kind to buy a pack of Newports for me. After returning to Germany he gave me this pack as a present to enjoy it. I was so excited about it and I finally had the chance to smoke my first Newport cigarette - ten years after my Smoking start.
I can not say that I liked to smoke the first cigarette. The taste was not bad, but it tasted a little bit weird to me. The second cig was much better and when I smoked the third cig it was so amazing. Since that moment I think these cigs may be the best cigarettes in the world.
Newports are really strong, but for me these cigs are very easy to smoke. The taste of Menthol is very pleasant and it is not too strong (for me). I tried German Menthol cigs, but I never liked them. Newports are very different.

I was very sad when the pack finally was empty. It took me some time until I got my second pack. Soon I will get my third pack. I think it is true, if you want to become totally addicted to smoking you should smoke these cigarettes. they are really Special.

I am very happy that I got the Chance to smoke Newports and it was worth to looking forward to them.
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Old 08-06-2019, 04:44 AM
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I smoke Newport 100's regularly I absuoutly love them I love how strong they are and the menthol flavor. I have been smoking them for about 10 years now. I fell in love with them within the first pack I smoked. I sometimes will buy another brand but find my self craving my Newport 100's. They truly are the best menthol cigarette currently on the market I feel. You are either going to love them right away or you will hate them I don't think most people who smoke them regularly had to get used to them first.
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