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Conversation Between Reckless and B&HMan

Conversation Between Reckless and B&HMan
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  1. Reckless
    11-17-2020 11:23 AM - permalink
    Ive smoked them since starting on a pack of parliament light 100s over 10 years ago. After i finally found a pack i have loved them from first inhale. They are great smoke. I do have a few local places that sell packs of them, they are pricey and hard to find but worth it. Even getting a carton so i dont have to run out for packs is tough. I would never change it up. I prefer the menthol premiums but the regulars are also good. Glad to see another man here that enjoys them too!
  2. B&HMan
    10-22-2020 01:12 PM - permalink
    Nice to see another B&H Menthol 100s man on the board! I mainly smoke the menthol variety of Benson and Hedges but occasionally with buy a pack of gold 100s for a change. When I first started smoking around the age of 13 or so, I was a Salem kings smoker but always wanted to try B&H Menthol 100s. In college, I was desperate for a smoke so made my way to the cigarette vending machine (of course, they're no longer around) and Salems were sold out - so I chose B&H Menthol 100s and have been a devoted B&H 100s smoker for a long, long time!
    Seems like they're harder to come by nowadays but I have a smoke shop close by that will order them for me so I usually stock up with 4 or 5 cartons at a time. The price is a heckuva lot more than other brands but to me, each B&H is worth the price! No other cigarette like them around! Nice to make your acquaintance! Smoke on my friend!
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