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Conversation Between mm63221 and bahamut23

Conversation Between mm63221 and bahamut23
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  1. bahamut23
    03-18-2021 12:16 AM - permalink
    oh i know it. love to get least couple packs to relax with after work. even try a 240, let it dangle as i inhale it hard. ive even introduced some girls to smoking them too.
  2. mm63221
    03-01-2021 10:41 AM - permalink
    Oh dear..that is awful.. I know you could chainsmoke a carton of them right now. If I could be there, we'd chain a whole carton of 480 length More. Glad you're ok. :-)
  3. bahamut23
    02-27-2021 10:05 AM - permalink
    yeah nothing around me, im pretty pissed off. i could go for chainsmoking a few right now. glad you're ok too!
  4. mm63221
    02-26-2021 11:21 AM - permalink
    oh that's awful dear... I know your lungs need those long sexy brown Mores...If there are any tobacco outlets near you, they will probably stock them... Can just picture you enjoying those long slim brown sexy Mores. Hope you're able to find them.
  5. bahamut23
    02-25-2021 12:38 PM - permalink
    ugh no mores anywhere near me.
  6. mm63221
    12-17-2020 12:08 PM - permalink
    Yes, doing well so far. I hope you are as well. Im enjoying a long brown holdered More 360 length. I'm certain you'd love one as well.
  7. bahamut23
    12-16-2020 08:16 PM - permalink
    hope you're well!
  8. mm63221
    11-17-2020 06:06 PM - permalink
    Hope you're enjoying your long 120s. I am. Hope you're doing well
  9. mm63221
    11-17-2020 09:18 AM - permalink
    I'd also love being there and have us a couple of long slim white 10" Capri holders and us chain long white holdered Capri 240s and long brown holdered More 480 length. I've not tried Misty 120s. I myself stick with Capri 240s(in my long white holder) and ultra long Mores in my long brown holder because I love the taste and it's so ultra elegant, fem and so very long.
  10. bahamut23
    11-16-2020 07:23 PM - permalink
    oh that sounds wonderful. id smoke mores more at home if i could. planning to try some other 120s, slims feel too light. wanna try capris and mistys too. sadly no zipcodes near me with mores yet.
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