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Hi from the UK

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Old 02-11-2020, 11:55 AM
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Default Hi from the UK

Hi all - I'm a regular on THeRefuge and just found this place. I've browsed before but not registered until today, so hi

32 year old British guy, I've been fascinated with smoking since I was a tiny kid and first realised I could "huff" my breath and make it look like I was exhaling smoke.

I first smoke a cigarette properly when I was 12/13 years old, swiped from the pack a relative left laying around. Most of my family were (are!) non smokers so these chances were rare. It was a relatively strong brand to smoke as a first time cigarette, a B&H Gold (premium UK brand). I kept it safe and hidden until such a time my family were all out and I'd have a good few hours. Yes I coughed and spluttered when I first inhaled but knew it was something I'd do longer term.

Didn't openly smoke until I was late teens by which time I was well and truly hooked. I'm now around a pack a day but can go more if circumstances are right (normally when there's a day of drinking / partying haha).

I make no bones saying I'm attracted to ladies who smoke - and have been since I was a child. The addiction (and to a point dark side) element is also an attraction to me, despite not being toooo affected by nicotine cravings myself. I consider myself a lot more psychologically addicted than physically, if that makes sense. The only time I crave BADLY is when I don't have cigarettes on my person, or the ability to get them easily. Even when on flights etc, I don't find things too bad as I know I have my cigarettes on me and (even if not allowed!) I could smoke if I absolutely had to. That sounds a bit odd I know, but makes sense to me!

I smoke Marlboro Lights primarily but have tried most of the UK major brands but also come back to my MLs. I'm a semi regular visitor to the US and when there will switch to Newports which I LOVE, and wish desperately we could get here in the UK. I've even enquired some a couple fo tobacconists about importing them but it's a non starter sadly. That said, I'm sure my poor lungs are glad I don't smoke cigs that strong most of the time haha. I'll smoke menthol over here every few packs, but they're being outlawed later this year which is a real shame.

Anyway, that's my in a nut shell - now make room on the bench and pass me a light, someone
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