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Cloves from Indonesia info

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Old 09-26-2010, 12:38 PM
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Default Cloves from Indonesia info

Since the US clove ban dating from summer of last year, I have been ordering them direct from Indonesia. Because I recognize that cloves in general (Djarum Blacks being the default people think of) are very brutally bad for you, I have at least made it a habit to order the "light" cloves.

The only thing is, even with their proclaimed 2mg tar - 15mg nicotine... I can tell that they are still way more intense than regular cigarettes. Or at least, they appear to me to be. When I am waiting for an order to arrive, I generally think I just won't smoke for a couple weeks... and then inevitably start buying regular Camels as a stop gap. Anyway, I don't get even remotely the same jump from the regular smokes that I do from the "light" cloves.

This has gotten me to thinking, that even beyond the obvious, I might be doing some very serious harm to myself smoking my pack or so a day (only 12 in a pack) of Indonesian cloves. Without a doubt, the boost in heart rate I get from them is quite intense... whereas regular smokes don't do anything at all that I can notice. Are these Indonesian direct cloves made with something more brutal than the cloves they used to sell to the US and Europe? Also, if cloves are still being sold into the European market, is there a site I can use to order those... operating under the possibility that the European blends are better regulated as far as what is in them?

Anyway, if anyone is a clove manufacture wonk, can they shed some light on this scene?
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Old 11-08-2010, 06:02 AM
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Wink Cloves from Indo

Hey BBooze, I have been ordering Djarums online from Indonesia as well. I live in Australia and a pack of cloves cost like 20 dollars! When I first started smoking the ones from Indo (16s pack), they do taste a little different. I can tell straight away that they bit heavier than the 20s they sell here in the local tobacconist. After a while of smoking it, they do taste better and better. I reckon you just have to get it from online shop that buys the cigarettes directly from the manufacturer so it will taste fresh. Indonesia is so hot so clove cigs tend to go off pretty quick.
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