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A short story on the pleasures of smoking

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Old 09-30-2016, 11:17 PM
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Default A short story on the pleasures of smoking

A little something I thought up a few days ago while I was enjoying my first after-work cigarette at home.


It's a cool, sunny day; a relatively short respite between the sweltering heat and humidity of the oppressive summer and the biting chill of the coming winter. It's that all-too-brief time of the year when it's room temperature outside; the best time of the year. It always seems to come and go in a flash. Before you know it, you're bundling up in an absurd number of layers of clothing just to adequately manage the shivering freeze of winter's grasp. After that, you are just as soon breaking a sweat by daring to step outside for the most fleeting of seconds as the Sun seems to bear down on you day after day, as though each afternoon features a daily supernova.

This, however, is the perfect time of year for the Smoker. Even if you are perfectly content smoking indoors -- be it your own residence, a bar, hotel -- the Smoker can't resist going outside to enjoy a cigarette or two in weather that can only be described as tropical; as though the beautiful and temperate Hawaiian islands decided to share and spread some of that endearing island climate.

It is a time of the year I relish. As a Smoker myself, I'm no stranger to smoking indoors. The summers are unbearable and the winters just as devastating. Smoking indoors can often be the only way to actually enjoy a cigarette, as both seasons try their damndest to make your smoke break as unsatisfying as possible.

But now is the Season of the Smoker, and today might as well be the height of it. Sunny, cloudless, and only the slightest breeze to complement the low 70 degree temperature. No wasps erratically flying around or mosquitoes trying to eat you alive; only the birds singing, the Sun shining, and the Smoker smoking.

I step outside and take in the day. It's as gorgeous as I knew it would be. A smile flashes across my face as I breathe a sigh of comfort and relaxation. I take a seat at a nearby patio table and pull out my pack of Benson and Hedges Premium along with my lighter. I pull out a long white cigarette from the pack, flick my lighter to life and touch the flame to the cigarette. The smoke floods into my mouth as I set the pack and lighter on the table in front of me, pulling the smoke into my lungs and exhaling, cigarette still dangling between my lips. The smoke jets out from my mouth in two streams around the length of the cigarette while more smoke pours down on it from my nose above.

I sit back in the chair to recline as I take another drag, put the cigarette between two fingers and exhale again. This isn't a cigarette of desperation or necessity. This isn't a fix. This is a cigarette of pleasure and comfort; a cigarette to savor and enjoy. And so I shall.

I take another drag and exhale -- slowly, this time. The smoke floats lazily out of my nose over the course of a few seconds. There is only an intermittent, calm breeze, so I am soon engulfed in my own smoke for a brief moment. The taste is wonderful; the feeling indescribable. It is not a high. It is not inebriating. Yet it is intoxicating. It is an escape.

Another smile flashes across my face as I take yet another drag from my cigarette and exhale again. The smoke drifts up into the air lackadaisically, curling around and mingling with itself. I glance at my cigarette and notice I'm not even halfway through -- a perk of smoking a 100, I suppose.

As I continue to get lost in my own world, my attention is grabbed by a newcomer; a fellow Smoker looking to enjoy the Smoker's Season as much as I am, perhaps. She's a pretty young woman -- around my age, maybe a couple of years older. She takes a seat at a patio table near me. There aren't many, and it's a small space, but one Smoker always enjoys the company of another.

She retrieves one of her own long white cigarettes, places it between her lips as she digs around her purse for a lighter and soon brings the cigarette to life. The slight breeze kicks up briefly, guiding her smoke towards me. We catch each other's eye and exchange friendly but silent smiles before allowing ourselves to once again get lost in our respective worlds of peace and clarity.

I glance down at my cigarette and notice it is almost spent. I take one final drag and stub it out in the ashtray. I sit back to recline again in my chair, continuing to take in the gorgeous afternoon. A couple of minutes go by and I look over at the fellow Smoker. Her cigarette is nearly down to the filter, so she puts it out in the ashtray.

Instead of leaving, I watch as she extracts yet another cigarette and lights up. The biggest smile yet flashes across my face. I take my pack of Benson and Hedges Premium, pull out a cigarette, place it between my lips, stand up and begin walking over to her. I bring my cigarette alight in the few steps it takes me to get there.

"Hi," I say with a smile, the exhaled smoke from my cigarette illustrating my words as I speak. "Mind if I join you?"

"Hello," she replies, returning the friendly, warm smile through a thick exhale of her own. The smoke from our cigarettes seem to dance together in the calm afternoon air. "Please, join me."

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Old 10-01-2016, 02:33 AM
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wardw is an unknown quantity at this point

Sounds like you have met a new friend
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