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How I came to embrace smoking

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Old 01-26-2021, 02:46 AM
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Default How I came to embrace smoking

Like a lot of people is was fascinated by my parents smoking. I even tried puffing on one my father left. The smoke tasted good. I was visiting a friend who took me to a barn in his property and gave me a Camal from a pack he took from his father and we puffed on it. I like the taste of the smoke.

The puffing continued with other friends with cigarettes they took from their parents. I took a pack of Salemís from my mother. Then one day itís another friend in this club house we put together we puffed on some Winston he took from his mother or sister. He went out to talk to his mom and I had become bored with just puffing and decided to try inhaling. Everyone of us knew real smoking was inhaling. So I took a puff and inhaled it.

Damn that felt good. I just could not believe how good it felt to have the smoke in my lungs. I inhaled the whole thing. And the nicotine made me feel real good as well.

I was getting cigarettes for my father at a gulf coarse club house cigarette machine so decided to get my own pack, hid it back in the woods and would go and have a cigarette or two a could of times a day. I began to really love smoking.

Then my family decided to move down to Florida and I was not able to smoke.
In the process my fafher died of a brain hemorrhage. We wound up at my grandparents out side Philli for a while. I wanted to continue smoking but getting cigarettes was a small problem. I found some in a small pack of five like complimentary. Went to a nearby field. Ahhh....the relief.

My mother decided to move us to Florida-Naples. Once we were settled in, I went on looking were to get cigarettes. I little gas station with a cigarette machine and I was back smoking. My mother had given it up and was convinced my fatherís smoking was what killed. Truthfully his whole lifestyle was what killed him.

It did not take long before I was completely and totally hooked. Would wake up
at night and could only think about a cigarette. I would smoke one with a big fan in the window to takeout the smoke but my mother discovered and found me out. I got tacit permission to smoke but had todo it outside.

But one of my brothers did not approve and would try to sabotage it. So to keep pieces the family I made sure I not to smoke around any of them.

I have been a proud and Committed smoker ever since. Smoking is just to dam good !
No one is to young to become a smoker !
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