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cooljay788 05-23-2009 09:28 AM

E-cigs might get banned (info)
Here's some info I read online about e-cigs possibly getting banned. I wouldn't be surprised if they DO get banned one day. Antis might argue e-cigs are loopholes to people who wanna smoke inside under smoking bans.


UPDATE : Tobacco Treatment Organization Writes FDA and Issues Press Release to Promote Ban on Electronic Cigarettes
I want to commend Dr. John Hughes and Matt Bars of ATTUD for their prompt and gracious response to my previous commentary about the failed disclosure of ATTUD's conflict of interest in its letter to the FDA requesting a ban on electronic cigarettes. They responded immediately and accepted responsibility for the failed disclosure and also decided to send an addendum letter to the FDA noting the conflict of interest. This is as much as I could ask for, and so I appreciate their response (I have included their responses below).

My thanks to Dr. Hughes and Mr. Bars for their acceptance of responsibility for the failed disclosure of the conflict of interest, and for their willingness to write this addendum to the FDA disclosing the conflicts of interest.
I want to be clear that I was not suggesting that the failed disclosure was done intentionally to try to hide the information (it is readily available on the ATTUD web site), but nonetheless, I do think it's important to disclose.
I think that ironically, by going ahead and disclosing the conflicts of interest, it actually helps to ensure that the evaluation of the letter is based on its substance, because it avoids the attention focusing on the failed disclosure and ensures that the focus is on the substance of the arguments offered.
So I very much appreciate Dr. Hughes' and Mr. Bars' response to this issue, despite a disagreement on the underlying issue.

It will be interesting to see how the FDA handles this issue. It brings the debate over harm reduction to a head over a very real and present situation, rather than any hypothetical ones that have been debated in the past.
Michael Siegel, MD, MPH

cooldude 05-23-2009 01:48 PM

The e-cig and Big Pharm
They are already banned in Australia. Another idiot politician that is in the pocket of the prescription drug companies is leading the charge against the e-cigs. It appears that the e-cig IS major competition against Big Pharms' own quit smoking products. If its good enough for Osama Obama, why can't we have it too?

Sally 06-01-2009 12:17 AM

Although I find your posting interesting you have not shown concrete evidence that there is even any suggestions on banning e-cigs. Just because they are writing letters back and forth does not mean it is true.

The FDA is going to poke their nose into everything for nicotine is a drug just like aspirin is. The FDA has known for the last 10 or more years there is a cure to the common cold but do you think for a moment they are going to let the country know about it? Heck no they would lose all their sales in the pharmacy business.

Nothing more than they are trying here about the blu cigarettes or any other e-cigarette, because it contains nicotine the pharmacy business wants to control it so it can only be sold in their stores monopolizing the e-cig market.

The FDA knows and approves of e-cigs for if they did not know then the e-cigs would not even be allowed to be imported from China from which all e-cigs are manufactured into this country.

Now as far as using e-cigs to quit smoking and advertising blu cigarettes or any other e-cig as a way to quit smoking I think they maybe able to regulate that aspect because blu or any other e-cig is not really intended to quit smoking but to be able to smoke in places that traditional cigarettes are banned. They can not stop someone from smoking an e-cig in public places for there is no burning tobacco ingredients. I think people could use blu cigarettes or any other e-cig to quit smoking all together if they wanted to just like Quest cigarettes but you do not see anyone stopping those from being sold such as all the pharmacies even though many that try to use Quest do not successfully quit smoking.

The ban in Australia is not to stop the use of smoking blu cigarettes or any other e-cig in public or in places traditional cigarette smoking has been banned but rather it banned that using blu cigarettes or any other e-cig as a quit smoking device.

cooldude 06-01-2009 08:52 AM

Sorry about that. I was just reacting to the Smokers' Rights Newsletter that is reposted on Jay's smoker rights blog. Plus I'm angry that I am having a tough time getting e-cigarette products. I got $240 floating around in 3 online shops waiting for e-cig products that seem to never get shipped out. I haven't ordered from Blu Cigs yet but, I'm about to. The e-cig that I had I dropped in a place where it was not retrievable so all I have is regular cigarettes. I went almost two weeks with nothing but the ecig.

dbarter123 06-02-2010 01:58 AM


I got $240 floating around in 3 online shops waiting for e-cig products that seem to never get shipped out.
@cooldude: why don't you try someone else...I've shopped from VS vapor they are quick and can be trusted. They are offering the E cig @ $52.

kenny001 11-29-2010 09:32 PM

so pity that the FDA banned the electronic cigarette, but the e-cig is much better than the traditional one, is it?

Eric123 12-27-2010 07:48 PM

the cigarette is banned as the harm to the health of the people, to some content, electronic cigarette helps the smokers a lot, if they are also banned, what should they do?

mommywoman 06-19-2012 12:52 AM

FDA wants them banned because they don't have what it takes to regulate them. My opinion is that the FDA is in kahootz with pharmaceuticals who produce zybzn, inhalers, the patch, the gum and lozenges. They want people to buy that stuff. That's just my opinion.

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