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Default i'm still fairly new to RYO but

i've got two machines, a powermatic II and the new powermatic I

the powermatic II (electric) works well, with one complaint - 1-3 cigs out of pack, it'll tear a small patch of the tube out, where the pincher pad presses the tube against the injector nozzle. I know overly moist tobacco or overstuffing will cause that, but it does it with what seems to be correct moisture content tobacco and not overstuffedd sticks. But was fairly easy to climb the learning curve on - i'd packed about 20-22 cartons when it went south - something electical caused the injector spoon to cycle on it's own - if you bumped it, it would cycle, if you lifted the handle, it would cycle, then heard something loose rattling around inside it, so i sent it in for warranty svc. But for $78 shipped (amazon) it's a nice little machine (and i miss it - it's still at the mothership being fixed).

Bought a Powermatic I (the new design they just released while the PII is being fixed), and got to say, it's as smooth as anything i could have imagined it being.

Learning curve on this machine's "nuances" was relatively short - and seems to tolerate a wide range of cuts and moisture content and still throw great sticks. Because of the longer handle and the straight line pull, it's actually easier to operate than the PII (remember on both the handle operates the cutter / compression head), and am actually thinking to stay with the PI and relegate the PII to standby status when it comes home. I crank out about 3 cigs a minute, without racing, so about 6 minutes a pack.

Oddly, the PI has not torn the first tube yet (3-4 cartons), no matter how moist or how overstuffed the compression trough is. My only "complaint" with the PI, it seems to be messier operating than the PII - a) there's no catch tray to catch cigs as they drop and to catch any tobacco debris, and b) the hopper is much smaller, it holds enough to do maybe 3-4 cigs max, and if you filll it to the 4 cig capacity, tobacco in the hopper will fall or "walk" off the back side of the machine while operating the handle. But at $63 shipped (again, amazon) it's looking like it's going to be my primary machine.

your mileage may vary

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