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Originally Posted by River View Post
I have only been a smoker since September 2019 when I picked it up at 17.
I must agree with you, I really wanted to try it and yes the feeling of dragging the smoke into my lungs is awesome.

And yes you are right with the pack a day habit I already have, I am hopelessly hooked and that sure feels great. Satisfying my body’s need for nicotine gives such a relief.

Yes smoking feels great and although you say becoming a smoker doesn’t alter you, I must disagree smoker me is much more confident and content than non-smoker me was last year.
I totally agree with the confidence part. Being able to resist all public pressure not to smoke and allowing myself to become a smoker has made me more confident. Every cig I light up in public is a display of the conscious chose I made to allow myself to get hooked and it.feels great to be a smoking man and exchange a glance with other smokers who underwent the same transition.
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