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Default Hi !

When I started smoking at age 10, I guess (dont know), that I was already kind of addicted to the second hand smoke of my heavy smoking parents. Then, I just got curious and wanted to try.
I love the taste, smell, the feeling in my lungs, and got soon addicted on them.
I found out that at age 10, on the one hand some friends left me bcause they could not understand me smoking (of course I was very young) but on the other hand, I then got the coolest girl in school BECAUSE I smoked cigarettes.
Cigarettes helped me with all the stress in my teens, I felt good and was one of the coolest girl in school because I was the first girl in my class who started smoking.
So, one aspect is definitely that if you start smoking, you belong to the cool ones and I just know based on my own experience that is is good to start early in life. It helps to develop self confidence, it relaxes and you just feel cool when you smoke as a teen.
This is at least my experiences and beside that I fully agree with all what was already written here.

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