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Originally Posted by marlbororob89 View Post
I don't RYO, but as someone who does accounting for a living, how much time does it take you to make all those?

There is the cost of your own time/labor and other things that you could be doing during that time that you are making all those cigs. Once you start to add up all those hours in a week/month/year, you also realize all the other things that you missed during the time that you were making cigs and I analyze production costs on a daily basis, so I'm very well knowledgeable in this area and someone posed a question like this several months ago and they mentioned all the money they would save doing RYO and then after talking with him, he realized he'd be stuck at home making cigs, when all his friends would be out doing other things or playing PS4/X-Box and he couldn't participate.

He quit doing RYO after a couple of bags, because the hidden cost of time cost him in other areas.

Just something to think about ....
i'm not sure about the $5 per carton estimate as i believe he's referring to JustGoodTobacco's 5 lb bags of leaf tobacco - i also shred whole leaf and generally, after shredding a 16 oz bag of leaves, I have 11-12 oz of shredded tobacco left - most of the loss is due to stems pulled out of the leaf, and then some of the leaf is destroyed or crushed into dust in the shredding process.

and you're right there's a lot of time involved in stripping whole leaves, and then shredding and then stuffing.

But with bagged tobacco (ie already shredded), even with the most expensive (Gawith & Hoggarth) i get 2.5 to 2.6 cartons from a $50 bag (17.6 oz) of tobacco.

Somehwere on this forum is my calculations for shredding whole leaf - by the time it's shredded, a $17 16 oz bag of whole is, like i said earlier to 11-12 oz, and i think it worked out to $27 for whole leaf on an actual 16 oz price comparison.

But i still prefer shredding whole leaf as i get a better tobacco, that has not been adulterated with preservatives, flavorings, casings etc.
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