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Default Pack-a-day for almost two years now

Not sure what the point of this post is, but Iíve been thinking about my smoking habit a lot lately. Around the time I started uni I bega to increase my smoking, leveling at around a pack day, give or take, which is the level Iím comfortable with. I always though that there would be some great relization of addiction, but it never came. I was looking forward to it, in a way. I wanted to be seen as a smoker (for reasons unknown to me), like a certification or a badge of sorts. And I am seen as a smoker, and everybody knows me as a smoker (in Serbia, most people smoke socially but would not consider themselves smokers, and others donít either), but there was no great moment, no ceramony. Iím a bit dramatic, yes, haha. Now, Iím glad that it is this way. I can just enjoy smoking and being a smoker. No waiting for something. Just cigarettes
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