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Forgive my honesty here, but, I think that the individual that posted this thinks that this was funny and cool and has most likely told all their friends that he got his 10 year son to smoke with him.

There are many people that started here at a young age, but, the world is changing, especially in the USA and with the recent law that you have to be 21 to buy cigs and vaping products, is this really a good example of being "a good parent". Is this the first step that will lead to other issues down the road, because dad thought it was cool that his 10 year son smokes- alcohol, drugs, poor grade in school

Take a look at the world around, which is not that hard, and realize that a 10 year old boy is no where near mature enough to make a decision like this to start smoking - probably also needs hep tying his shoes in the morning, but, his "cool dad" thinks it's ok.

If I made a decision like this or started earlier than I did, I can guarantee my life would be nowhere near the same as it is now.

Sorry for the post, but, being cool and being a good parent are two different perspectives. Time to step up and be the "good" parent and set a good example of right and wrong.
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