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Originally Posted by Ryan1991 View Post
I have a twelve year old son who is now a regular smoker - I smoke openly in the house and it is just normal. He has a younger brother who is 10. Yesterday in the haze of Christmas Day he asked to have a smoke when his brother and me were smoking / his brother gave him one - he coughed his guts up, but I think it is the start of him smoking - I think 10 is too old, but as others have said, if he wants to he will find some way to do it. Boys with their mom today, but will see what tomorrow brings.
Well it most likely was the first time he smoked but you are probably right, his brother will give him another cigarette if he asks for it and another smoker joins the ranks. Yes, 10 is too young to be smoking but as you say, if he really wants to he will find a way.
What does their mum think of your 12 year old already being a smoker, just curious.
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