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Carol Smokes is an unknown quantity at this point

I also think 10 is too young but not my place to say... and I may have done worse.

Years ago, I always smoked outside and hidden it from my daughter, or I would wait for her to go to bed and then smoke later at night in the house.

When she was 6 I found her pretending to smoke with one of my cigarettes and I was shocked by it. The only good thing is that it wasn't lit. I took it away from her and told her never to touch them again.

I was still very upset about it hours later and then, in some anger, I decided to teach her a lesson. I had her sit with me on the sofa and told her we were going to smoke. She got scared and said she didn't want to, but then I smoked and made sure she got a lot of smoke from me.

I still feel bad about doing that, but she hasn't touched a cigarette since.

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