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Originally Posted by MarlboroRedGuy View Post
This morning while my wife is out shopping with her mom aunts and sister in law my 10yr old son comes to me as I am catching up on some emails while a Christmas movie provides background noise. The Saturday morning routine is the ladies get together while the men (son and myself) do some yard work and such. Anyways as I'm finishing up an email for a client with a Red dangling my son walks into the family room and sits down makes a comment about my ash getting long and as i flick it he says "I think you are the coolest dad". My initial thought was "what the hell did you break or do?" but I just said "oh you do?" he then asks some questions about how it tastes and how it feels. The next question got me "Dad, do you think I can try a puff of your cigarette?" So I let him have a little drag. When I told him about inhaling and showed him he wanted to try it. So I let him have one inhale and then I finished the cigarette. I told him it will be our little secret that he smoked this morning but I am going to fill the wife in just in case he swipes a cigarette. I'm glad I got to share that moment with him but I feel he is too young to be smoking so I don't know if this will become a Saturday morning routine for us but I am going to see if he asks next week.
My boyfriend started smoking this way when he was 11. At first maybe a drag once or twice a week but after a while he was allowed to light his fatherís cigarettes regularly and by the time he turned 12 he had his own pack, which his dad kept in his desk. Officially he was only allowed to smoke together with his dad but he told me he would take cigarettes and packs from his parents and smoke behind their backs so it is smart that you put your cigarettes in a place your son canít take them. By the time my boyfriend turned 13 his parents realized he was hooked and he got the ok to smoke when he was home.
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