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I agree with everyone on here that it was best to satisfy his curiosity with you rather than with his friends or sneaking one of you cigarettes and doing it by himself. I don't have any kids but from what i believe is all kids are going to be curious about things their parents do in front of them on a regular bases espically if they look up to them like your son does. So it is almost impossible to avoid their curiosity espically when it comes to something like smoking. My dad's parents were heavy smokers when i was a kid and spent a lot of time with them after school and during the summer. I too got very curious seeing them smoke all the time i never had the curage to as them if i could try it but i would wanted to so bad. My grandmother probably would have if i cought her in the right mood. Anyway what i am trying to say is you did the right thing and the only way to have possibly avoided him being so curious was to not smoke around him. I know that does not sound very great. I am not trying to tell any one what they should and should not do around their kids but it is just an idea. Me personally started smoking on my own at the age of 19 and my parents were anti smoking so i decided as an adult to try it. I wish i had a dad like you growing up i would have started much sooner than 19.
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