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Originally Posted by CandiR View Post
As the mom of a 10 year old myself, I'm not really sure what I'd do if he did what your son did. I don't want him to smoke, and I think 10 is too young to condone it. That being said, if he does start, I know there's nothing I can do to stop it.
My son has asked me and my mom questions about smoking, like why we do it if we know it's bad for us, and at this point I don't think he's really interested in it, but he's growing up in a family where nearly everyone smokes, so I'm expecting that he's at least going to try it at some point (which is exactly how my mom felt about me. She knew I'd try it one day).
With our oldest, we talked about smoking and mentioned the pros and cons of it all. She started at 12....that was 25 years ago. My wife gave her the first cigarette she had ever smoked until that time.

At that time in the world it was not unusual for a 12-year old to smoke....even then that was young, but no one made an issue of it. Today, that would be great cause for alarm and consequences.

My sister allowed her kids to smoke. When they were young, she and her husband would have them light cigarettes and hand them over. Taught them to inhale that first puff, and soon enough they were smoking on their own. But again, that was 30 years ago....and the kids were in their young teens when they started.

Soon enough you'll have another smoker in the house. It can be something you enjoy together....or maybe he won't smoke at all. Either way, enjoy your kids and be there for them.
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