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i'll try that post again

first to boogeyman's comment about this post being "entertaining" - i agree, it actually got me wondering if some folks are using their PM2 to stuff cigs with something other than tobacco

Boogeyman: in the first picture, the red arrow is indicating the swivel arm that turns a 360 degree circle and is attached to the motor's shaft (the motor is on the other side of that plate)

the small end of that swivel arm fits into the slot (indicated by the 2 red arrows) of the "spoon linkage" in this next picture. THe green arrow up top of the pix is indicating the short articulated arm at the top of the spoon linkage plate that connects to the injector spoon. When that swivel arm makes it way halfway thru the 360 degree swing, it' has pushed the spoon out into the cig tube. Then the 2nd half of the 360 degree circle, it's returning or retracting the spoon back out of the cig tube.

sorry if the images are fuzzy but it's the source video that was fuzzy. THat blue you see on the "spoon linkage" is grease that i suspect only got thrown or squeezed onto the spoon linkage plate after the swivel arm made it's first swing. The part that needs lube is the actual edges of the slot where the pin on the swivel arm pushes (note, one of the youtube videos indicated at the small end of that swivel arm it's a small bearing - that must be one of the later gens, as mine only has a hardened pin. If your's has a bearing, i'd suggest a small drop or two (no more) of a thin oil to penetrate into the bearing and "wake up" the dried grease inside the bearing as well as a slight touch of grease on the edges of the slot. If no bearing, then i'd suggest grease on the edges of the slot

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