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I always take couple big drags and chuck cig when going in places. Whenever Buying ciggies from local shop have couple big drags before go in and have smoke pumping out as asking for my cigarettes. Both the men working there are smokers and often outside smoking as arrive or go for smoke after serving me. One of my son's has said see the smoke going across counter at the man in shop when asking for ciggies. Say that he don't mind because is a smoker too and love the taste of smoke when talking.

Originally Posted by MarlboroRedGuy View Post
My son made a comment to me last week that I look like I always get the last bit of smoke as I go into places. As we were heading into WalMart I took the last drag on my Red, tossed it on the ground (no ashtrays) and exhaled a plume of smoke well after we were inside the doors. After he made this comment I noticed it actually happens like that. Later during the weekend I was finishing up a Red as we headed in for dinner at one of those fast-casual places and I did the same thing.

Does this happen to anyone else? Do you notice?
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