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When I first started RYO many years back, the first machines I used was the Premier Excel, and it's not a bad intro machine. Largely Plastic though. Some of the parts that would wear out or break was the Spoon, and Tube Chute.

It required a bit more maintenance than the T2 by far. Eventually became a master working on them, and when I'd order parts, I'd commonly order a whole slew of them. I recall once spotting what was a brand new Excel at the local thrift shop for $4,, but it had a broken Spoon. I had a bunch on hand, and within 5 minute's time I had a brand new machine.

The first Supermatic I owned I only kept for a week and sold it. Didn't like its operation or its internal construction, was nowhere to grab the machine when injecting, and later found when working on this particular machine for the friend I sold it to, it was quite finnicky with it's adjustments. The adjustment for setting between Kings and 100's also seemed pretty ineffective. Was a bear too to get it from not tearing the ends of Tubes upon stuffing and release.

Then, in later years knew another fellow that had a Supermatic that then broke on him, I helped by ordering the needed parts and had a hell of a time then de-bugging it to work properly. Was way too touchy a machine.

The T2 has been a more durable machine in my experience. There's pretty much nothing that ever needs adjusting. Just periodic cleaning, particularly if using over hydrated or "doped" tobaccos, and an occasional lube on internal pivot points and crank with some light gun oil is all.

For 100's, the T2 has a removable metal Tab, that when removed lengthens the fill chamber to accommodate more tobacco.

This last T2 I own has to be 7-8 years old, still going strong.

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