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Originally Posted by docmarlboro View Post
Out of nowhere this past weekend I got a craving for menthol cigarettes out of nowhere!! Literally. Usually cant stand Menthols. Explain that!
Anyway, decided to buy two packs of Newports to try em out. Normally smoke 1/2 ppd Marlboro reds or camel filters but Ive been smoking a pack per day of these Newports.
Howd that happen?! Can anybody enlighten me?

Well, you're not alone, as I smoked menthols briefly in the past, but, moved back to Marlboro Red 100's, but, about a year ago, I started to get cravings for menthols, not quite sure how or why and I tried a number of menthol brands for a short time, but, then moved to the Reds, but once again, right before I got married last September, the menthol cravings came back again and after going back and forth between Newports and Reds, I decided that I would primarily smoke Reds and rotate in a few packs of Newports as a good change of pace over a couple of weeks and a number of fellow smokers I know do this from time to time, to help change things up and as one fellow smoker told me "it helps clean things up", as we all tend to inhale a little deeper on menthols.

Let us know how it goes and if you find a good mix going forward, depending on your area and what's readily available.
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