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Originally Posted by ihatesmoking View Post
i never wanted to smoke cause my granny died and my uncle and some other family and i promised them i would never smoke and well all said i had a so called friend that kept bugging me and so i tryed it didnt like it had a crving smoked a nother got sick said i was never gonna do it again all said i got reallly stressed and bought a pack and firts ones were l&ms theytasested like crap so bought newports non menthol and been hooked and wish i could quit at 19 im smoking 4 at the most aday sometimes less just depanded but i want to quit before im a pack aday smoker like my family members that died from that lung cancer of carse im sad most days cuz i dont want to smoke

Just because you are a light smoker does not mean you will progress to a pack a day. I have been smoking up to 7 cigs a day since I started. Only time I was close to a pack a day was during my trucking days just out of boredom.

But if you really want to quit there are many avenues to help you lessen the craving. I quit for a week twice this month but just miss it too much. I went back and am very happy now. Smoke because you want to not because you have to.

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