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I also comes from a non-smoking family (for the most part), but, of all the family members that I grew up around, I'm the only one that smokes. I had grandparents who smoked, but, they passed away before I was born, so I don't know anything about their smoking history, other than what I can see in old photos.

Being a late starter, once I started smoking more and more on a regular basis, I knew this was something that I was going to have to face, so I did on my terms and I told my parents upfront and honestly and that I made the decision to start smoking and it was my decision alone. My parents accepted the decision and ever since then, everyone knows that I smoke and I still don't smoke in front of them out of respect, but, there have been cases where I have bought cigarettes with them with me and it wasn't until earlier this year that they found out about how much I was smoking a day.
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