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Originally Posted by SmokinSam View Post
Hey, Lambert&Butler...

To answer your question, my oldest son, Trevor, who is 16 and smokes - LOVES everything about it, including the smell on his clothes. I think he picked that up from me, as I have always been very open about my love of the smell. Our household is very pro-tobacco. My youngest boy - who will be turning 12 soon - has not shown an interest in smoking yet, but has no problems with his clothes smelling of smoke at school. I have never "pressured" him to try cigarettes, but I sincerely hopes he embraces the habit so that the three of us can all smoke together. It may sound sexist, but I actually think a man looks more like a man when he is smoking a cigarette and carries his own pack.
Just only seen this and thanks for the reply, I think that it is great that he is a proper proud smoker and not care about people notice the smell of smoke on clothes and breath. My lads have never moaned that I smell of ciggies or that they can smell it on their clothes too. They know that I love the smell of smoke and that I can smell it all the time even when not lit from the smoke that sticks to the inside of my nose from nose jetting loads.

I am always positive about smoking, setting a good example
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