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Originally Posted by SmokinSam View Post
I'm with you 100%! I always loved the smell of my dad's lit cigarettes from the earliest days of my memory. Today, my son and I always keep the house smelling smoky and I LOVE the smell on my clothes, hair and mustache. I am only interested in dating women who approve of my smoking. In a perfect world, they smoke too, and find it a turn-on. The more smoke, the better, in my opinion!
I love the way that when arriving home and open the front door the smell of stale smoke instantly hits me and every room has large ashtrays full of buts in them. I empty them at the start of an evening or day before smoking in that room.

Does your son mind about the smell of smoke on his clothes? Does he cover the smell at all or go to school with his clothes having a noticeable smell of smoke on them?

I am looking forward to the day when my lads are smoking and enjoying ciggies with my wife and me at the kitchen table at breakfast. The oldest one is 6 and has said that other kids at school have said to him that his clothes always smell of cigarette smoke but he said that he doesn't mind it and as it is not a bad smell and just what he is used to.

I think that he will end up smoking too when older, knows that me and my wife love it and thinks it looks and smells good.
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