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Default Love the smell of smoke too?

I have always loved the smell of cigarette smoke. I grew up in a smokey home and one of the main reasons I started smoking was because I liked the smell of smokers, the strong smell on my parents clothes and breath. I loved the smell in our home, fresh and stale smoke.

I am now married to a heavy smoker and love the smell of smoke on us and everything we own. I am lucky to be with a wife who likes the way I always smell of smoke and taste it whenever kissing. I love the smell of smoke on both of us, proud when people notice it on us. Our kids say that I always have smoke breath, taste it when ever kiss them and clothes always smell very smokey, much stronger than on their own clothes.

Do many other smokers like the smell of smoke on them too? I don't know anyone in my family who hates the smell of smoke on them and in the home, most like it, it's normal to smell of smoke.

I have always wanted people to notice the smell of smoke on me and great that my family all smell of smoke too. I love people to know that we are both heavy smokers, we are because love it. Anyone else likes the smell of smoke and when people notice it?
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