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Best machine I would say Fresh Choice.
About a year ago a friend and I went to store to buy BBQ stuff and I picked a carton of smokes and he was shocked at the price of 50 some bucks. The following week be brought me a box of tube,Bag of tobacco and a POS hand injector.I could not work that thing to save my life so I bought a top O ma tic Injector now this machine is slick its all metal with handle on top. the Crank seems to positioned just right with the proper length.
About a month ago I bought the Fresh Choice Mach and this things rocks........
Its fast,Easy and Less mess to clean up.The only learning curve is moisture other than that put a tube on push the button.It does have a compaction knob on it that does work.The reason I bought this machine is that my wife and I both smoke almost a pack a day and I like to sit down and crank out a carton for the week
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