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My first purchase was a TOM (chrome) and it was great until an e-clip came off one of the pins/shafts.

Since it was under warranty I was ready to send it in for repair and then discovered the cost to mail it plus the $12.50 they charge for return freight was almost exactly 1/2 what I paid for it. So, buy a new one or repair the old one?

I am shopping for a tool that will reinstall the clip. It has to be at a 45 degree angle due to placement and those are pricey, otherwise I could get a 3-piece tool set for a shade under $30 delivered.

The TOM is a good machine and makes good sticks. I purchased a Premier (the better one) after the breakage of the TOM and was sorely disappointed in the sticks it made but it is a smooth operating machine. Pack it loose or pack it tight, it cranks smoothly. But that's the only good thing I can say about it. Then I purchased a Laramie and that makes a perfect stick for me (after some experimentation). With the Laramie, ragging the pipe tobacco is not necessary. Just pack the filter end only (to insure no gap) and you can fill the hopper with uncut (unragged) tobacco and use no pressure or very slight pressure using only the back side of your little finger (to insure an even fill) and it makes a good stick.

Another thing I like about the Laramie is that it has no rubber mat and it is self-cleaning. It has rubber molded at the 4 corners so it stays put where placed. I do suggest that before first use and once a month after that give it a very light spray of WD-40 or your choice of lube to the underside. Then it works as smooth as any machine out there. As to self-cleaning - no tobacco sticks to it anywhere unlike TOM and Premier where tobacco sticks in places. It is almost like teflon but there is none.
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