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George Bush was a true friend to the Native American Tobacco companies because he VETOED THE PACT ACT twice in the last 9 years! Something about killing 65,000 jobs in America (most of them Native American Jobs) just didn't set right with George W. Bush. Obama signed it because he cares nothing about no Native Americans let alone anyone from the caucasion peoples or even black americans. Look how crappy he treats his own mother and brother! Obama signed on the dotted line without even reading it.

Obama is like everyone else involved with this in the United States Senate and House of Representatives in being ignorant enough to believe the lies put forward by Anthony Weiner (D) of the 9th district (NYC) who put this garbage bill forward the last time. And believing the lies out of his mouth that kids get tobacco products online just because tobacco-free kids dot org says so. This is not a front for terrorism! To hear Anthony Wiener and Eliot Spitzer talk about it, it has been a front for terrorism since 1996! Any politician that believes these lies is mis-informed! These politicians are the real Terrorists IMHO. George Bush had it right. He VETOED THE PACT ACT TWICE! Glenn Beck (who smokes) has it right: This "Progressive" president Barry Obama and the progressive senate and house have got to be removed from office ASAP!
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