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My foster daughter recently started smoking, her mother agreed that she could start on her 16th birthday before going away for a few months. Her mother is a committed smoker, it was obvious that she had been sneaking (which solved the regulars vs. menthols question). My suggestion to her, contrary to what she at first suggested, was to start with shorts, not longer cigarettes, and save the longer lentghs for later. Same for strength; start on ultras, and save the stronger strengths for later. And lastly, if she's going to smoke, by all means choose a premium brand, and be prepared to pay a premium price. Her first pack was Marlboro silver shorts, which she liked at first, since her mother is a Marb red 100's smoker. Towards the end of that first pack, she said she was happy with the cigarettes being ultras, as well as the taste, but shed really like to try 100s, not only because they looked more stylish, but she likes the idea of two or three extra drags with each cigarette. She commented that it seemed whenever we lit up together, her cigarette was done, and I still had a fair amount left. The next afternoon, I presented her with a pack of Marlboro Silver 100s, and a pack of Virginia Slims Silver 100s, encouraging her to bounce back and forth, and make a decision towards the end of those two packs. She couldnt decide which one; she liked the feel of the full-bodied Marbs between her lips better over the Slims, but she liked the taste of the Slims better than the Marbs. So I got her two packs of Benson & Hedges Deluxes. On the way home, she commented I think this is it!" It's been just over two months, and after trying her friend's Marlboro Gold 100's, she hinted she was ready for something stronger. So she switched to Benson & Hedges Luxurys. Which she's quite happy with. Since she was a second hand smoker all her life, I'm predicting that the Luxurys will last her until she's 18 at the latest, and she'll be ready for Benson & Hedges Premiums, or another full-flavor brand.
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