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Marlboro Blacks are what we used to call Marlboro Medium, so it's in between the Reds and the Golds, though I think closer to the Reds. Since they're usually cheaper than either, they're a good buy.

I hope that you knew that you're not supposed to "pack" American Spirits. The 'sky blue' pack is the full-flavor "regular." It should take about eight minutes to smoke (if you packed it first, then it'll be a few minutes longer and will have a hard draw). Way back before tobacco companies starting using expanded tobacco, all cigarettes took about as long to smoke as American Spirits do now. How can a longer smoke be a bad thing?

Remember, when you first started this thread, that I said (#8) that menthol cigarettes are easier to start on ... from what you just said, the Marlboro Menthol proved it. I never tried Marlboro Menthol. The only menthol cigarette that I can tolerate now is Newport. Everything else menthol just tastes like smoking a peppermint stick. I won't comment about Camel Crush. Try the Camel Wides, if you haven't already, after you finish the Marlboro Reds. I agree with Marbs4ever in thinking you'll go through them faster than you think.

P.S. Your getting the gift of a carton means you've been accepted into the "club."

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