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Originally Posted by teen_smoker View Post
Hey guys it's been a while here. So last time I checked in I was going to buy Camel Crushes and Marlboro Blues for the week, which I did, and then the next week I bought American Spirits (the kinda sky blue pack) and Marlboro Blacks. I ended up with a big problem: I liked all 4 of them.

The Marlboro Blues I liked a lot better than Newport. Newport I found kinda harsh and nasty, but the Marlboro went down smooth and tasted delicious, almost sweet. It was probably the easiest cigarette to smoke of any I've tried. The problem is that it's a menthol and I really don't think I'm a menthol guy, and it also feels kind of like a girl's cigarette.

Feel kinda guilty saying this but I liked the Camel Crush a lot. The whole concept just seems really chill to me--like I don't think I want to buy a whole pack of menthols but it's cool to have the option to make one a menthol, or even to switch over while you're smoking. Plus there was just something about the image that worked for me.

American Spirits are fucking ridiculous. Tons of flavor but took forever to smoke which was annoying because people would be done smoking and I'd still have half a cigarette to go. Plus they're so expensive so I don't think they're gonna be my go to.

And the blacks were awesome. I think I need to compare them to reds and golds but they just really tasted and felt so good--they gave me a ton of buzz and went down easy. I need to try them again because I blew through that pack pretty quick over a weekend while I was celebrating being done with exams and maybe I won't like them as much under normal circumstances.

Anyway this project is on hold for a little bit because my awesome brother bought me a carton of reds for christmas and it's gonna take me a while to finish that....
Bet you'll kill that carton of Reds quicker than you think Does make a great gift. I remember buying my younger bro his first carton for his birthday, about 6 months after I found out he was a smoker. (Have to message me if you want to know which birthday it was The Marb Blacks are really good and usually a little cheaper than Reds. Have you tried any 100s yet?
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