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since this thread popped backup, i'll add a note

There's a video on youtube of 3 retired FDA scientists appearing on "60 Minutes" and talking about cigarette mfgrs are using 70 chemicals to treat cig tobacco. Each chem has been individually approved for human consumption,, but no testing has been done on those 70 chems on what they become when mixed or combined and what they become when combusted. One example i'm aware intimately, of a chem with a "jekyll & hyde" nature is pure silicone. Silicone is totally non-toxic, and safe for human consumption - you can drink it and it will pass thru your system. Burn it and it gives off formaldeyde, which is highly carcinogenic (not sure of the spelling there).

Then add in a lot of those chemicals are added to temper or restore the taste of that tobacco to what it was before the previous change or additive changed it.
One example - because of the high FET tax on cig tobacco ($26.80/ lb iirc) vs pipe tobacco ($2.16/lb) cig mfgrs wanted to reduce the amount of tobacco in a carton. In the 70s, the avg carton contained .76 lbs of tobacco. Today it's under .46 lbs, so basically they reduced their FET per lb by 30%, which is a considerable reduction. To reduce the tobacco content though, they "expanded" the tobacco so it would take up more volume - think like rice krispies. Because the tobacco was expanded (hollow) it burnt faster and hotter - so to reduce the rate of burn, they added a chem. That chem changed the taste slightly so they added another chem. You can see the train of thought here.

When i quit factory smokes, everytime i smoked one, i felt like i'd wiped the back of my throat with a dry cotton ball laced with chemicals. After a week or so of RYO cigs, i tried smoking one of my marlboro lights - i couldn't finish it - the chem taste was killing me.
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